Is your organization demonstrating real commitment to its LGBT employees?

Being inclusive means much more than just obeying the law.

Employers of excellence value and invest in their lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans staff, making it clear that they are respected and appreciated. The very best workplace is one in which diversity is encouraged and difference celebrated.

Investing in LGBT diversity enhances your organization's image in the market place.

Why Rainbow Champions?

Training Like No Other

Rainbow Champions assertive life-skills and confident communication training is like no other.

Created specifically to empower your LGBT team members, our uniquely structured courses guide participants through a systematic process designed to expand communication skills and bolster self-confidence.

A solid investment in your LGBT team members, LGBT network or forum — one that pays real dividends.

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Assertive Life Skills Training


Rainbow Champions offers assertive like-skills and confident communication training for your LGBT team or network members, both in-house – where we come to you – or at convenient locations in Birmingham, Liverpool and London.

Training is interactive and conducted in small groups to ensure individual coaching and personal attention.

Investing in your LGBT team and network members pays real dividends, generating commitment and motivation.

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Coaching & Mentoring

Empowering & Inspiring

Each of our skilled Rainbow Champion trainers brings a lifetime of expertise in helping others to reach their full potential. All are experienced mentors with solid backgrounds in counselling, psychotherapy, health and well-being.

We know what it takes to move people forward into a more self-confident, assertive and productive life.

Rainbow Champions help you, your LGBT members and your organization shine!

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Respecting diversity of sexual orientation and gender identity should be recognised as a matter of strategic importance
to every company competing in the global market for talent
Lord John Browne, BP former CEO