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Assertive Life Skills & Confident Communication Training
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When British Telecom wanted the very best confidence and assertive life skills training for Kaleidoscope, their LGB employees’ association, they came to us.

Our expert trainers — Peter Field and John Toman — created, designed and delivered the 'Confidence Plus' course. The 4 day training course proved to be such a success with Kaleidoscope’s LGB participants that BT asked us to deliver our 'Confidence Plus' course again and again — in England and also in Scotland.

As a result, BT were not only able to empower their LGB team members, but were also rightly seen as an organization that is genuinely committed to diversity and to fully supporting its LGB staff.

Benefits To Your LGBT Staff

Assertive Life Skills & Confident Communication Training

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The Course Foundations

Assertive Life Skills & Confident Communication Training
  Re-aligning Learned Behaviour

So much of our behaviour, and the responses we have to other people, are learned. Because of this, it is possible to relearn, or to learn alternative ways of responding and behaving: ways that help us take more control of our lives and our interaction with other people – professionally and socially.

  Unique & Systematic Approach

Rainbow Champions assertive life-skills and confident communication training places equal emphasis on feelings, thoughts and behaviours. Encouraging a greater sense of self-worth, it identifies strengths and weaknesses, and develops practical abilities that enables participants to continue with their own future development.

  Combination of Strategies

Utilizing a combination of NLP, cognitive behavioural, and visualization strategies, our expert facilitators mentor each person, taking them from basic to advanced levels in a remarkably short period of time.
The result is a more rounded, grounded and effective individual — the kind of LGBT person you would want on your team!

What we offer

Unique training that delivers real results

  Training Pack

Each participant receives the following:

The 82 page ASSERTIVE LIFE SKILLS AND CONFIDENT COMMUNICATION TRAINING MANUAL containing all of the materials and handouts used on the course. Its user-friendly design provides a full course description, explains key concepts, and outlines strategic exercises.

The course is accompanied by two digitally mastered audio recordings, which hypnotically reinforce important elements of learning that participants are encouraged to listen to at home.

Additionally, each participant receives a copy of the 328-page book 'HOW TO BE GAY AND HAPPY', together with a CPD CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE.

  Exclusive Materials

  We Do All The Work!

Once you have commissioned Rainbow Champions training, we do all of the work for you. You receive email templates telling your LGBT members about the course. These can be easily adapted to your organization’s specifications and needs and then mailed out.

Additionally, we provide an attractive colour brochure that can be emailed to your list. The brochure is also available as hard copy – as many as you like – at no extra cost, which can be distributed as you wish.

We will also provide attractive posters advertising the training to which you add the name of your organization, LGBT network or forum, and print out.

So informing your LGBT members about the training and getting a healthy buy-in couldn’t be easier!

  Promoting The Course

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         is reshaping corporate behavior and creating new opportunities
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